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"Rod Sinn & company have been an invaluable resource to me in my mortgage and financing transactions over the years. My experience is that Rod is a true advocate for his clients and I have benefited greatly from his knowledge, extensive network of resources and adept handling of complex transactions. He is always positive and willing to explore 'out-of-the-box' solutions that are custom-made and adapted for his client's unique needs and circumstances. Thank you Rod!"
WN, Bowen Island, BC

"Thank you Rod for all your hard work answering my endless questions!!! and securing the money for the land. I am a believer!!"
RM, Vancouver, BC

"I would like to thank you for arranging the mortgages on my two properties. I had been dealing with my current bank for approximately 15 years and it was time to renew my mortgages. My bank indicated that at the time the rate for 5 years was 5.9% however they would reduce this rate to 5.4% since I was a good long time customer. I was ready to sign when I gave this information to Rod Sinn who felt that the rate was high and a lower interest rate could be obtained. That same day, Rod got me approved at 4.35% for both properties at my own Bank! A rough calculation indicated that this would save me more than $15,000 over the 5 years. I will never again renew my mortgages without talking to Rod first. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to do what's best for me and I would not hesitate to recommend B.C. Mortgage Connection. Again, thank you."
MC, West Vancouver, BC

"Rod, You went way above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks so much for everything you did for me as well as all your encouragement & never failing positive attitude. It was much appreciated."
EH, Bowen Island, BC

"Thank you for believing in miracles and for believing in me!!! You made all the difference."
PM, Bowen Island, BC

"I want to thank you again for finding exceptional financing for another of my projects. Once again, the rates and terms were significantly better than those originally offered by any financial institutions. So many times you have put all your efforts in to do the very best for myself and my many clients. This continually provides us with the best possible financing available in the marketplace. I truly appreciate all your tremendous work and superb results over and over again in getting the right financing. It is a truly a delight to experience how you get things done each and every time, be it for my clients or myself. You do look at all possible options and consider alternatives. Again and Again you are consistent and persistent in achieving the desired results for me. I want to thank you very much for all your excellent work. I would be honoured to have you name myself as a reference. I look forward to the next project and working with you many times in the future."
AR, Whistler, BC

"Thank you to Rod Sinn of BC Mortgage Connection for his assistance and advice and for helping make it possible."
J&D, Bowen Island, BC

"To the Mortgage Doctor, You have healed so many lame and ailing situations. and brought joy and comfort through the security of a home to so many. Thank you for helping me build a home. With deep gratitude."
LB, Vancouver, BC

"Even after living on Bowen for 15 years. I'm still amazed by the local talent. I don't mean (just) our artists and performers, but also the people with surprising expertise. One in particular has helped me and many others in a very practical way. Most of us have mortgages, yet often we know very little about their ins and outs. For example, for years I didn't know that paying weekly instead of monthly saves thousands of dollars. Also, until very recently, I didn't know how much a mortgage broker could help. Rod Sinn is a Bowen Islander I wish I'd met years ago. I cringe at the bad decisions I made with mortgage renewals. Well, better late than never. If you ask a few of your friends and neighbours, I bet you'll find someone Rod has helped. But if not, I'd like to be the one to call attention to him, and to thank him here for his help and advice."
TP, Bowen Island, BC